Since 1984, Barclay-Scott Antiques was located in the beautiful historic city of St. Augustine, Florida under the ownership of Joe and Pat Webb. Ancient City Refinishers was started by Joe after attending Restoration Studies at Sotheby's in New York. Barclay-Scott Antiques evolved as an extension of Ancient City Refinishers, specializing in quality antiques purchased privately, often coming with interesting provenance. Subsequently, Pat became qualified to offer professional appraisal services to individuals, attorneys and institutions.

After almost 30 years in St. Augustine, the beautiful mountains of North Carolina presented an irresistable urge to make a change. Joe and Pat have moved to the charming town of Brevard, North Carolina, about 20 miles south-west of Asheville. Our approach to selling antiques is through antique show venues, auctions and our online store through Etsy under the name of "Past Accoutrements".

Barclay-Scott Antiques has participated annually in Earth Day events. All categories of antiques represent items to live with and use everyday, and exhibit true beauty and craftsmanship. But what most people don’t consider, is that antiques also represent “Green” living. Antique furniture in particular does not outgas, it is not made with illegally logged wood, contributing to worldwide deforestation. Vintage and antique furniture is of such fine craftsmanship allowing for decades or even centuries of continued use, thereby not contributing to landfills.

Barclay-Scott Antiques strongly promotes the antique industry whose product line is one of beauty, uniqueness, and sensitive to the protection of our environment.